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The Aussie Bean | Orange, CA | Gavin

Gavin is a former cameraman turned local business owner with a passion for Australian coffee culture.  An Aussie himself, he shared that Australians greatly value quality coffee and go to coffee shops for community and connection.  He wasn't used to the fast-food-style coffee culture that you see in the States.  So after he got married and moved to Orange County, Gavin decided to help bring the Aussie coffee culture here, which led to the opening of The Aussie Bean.  Some people don't understand why he intentionally doesn't provide free wifi, but he explained that he hopes that his shop can be an environment where people have conversations and enjoy good coffee together.  It was really refreshing to hear him share that!  I think it's easy to distract ourselves with our smart phones and computers -- even while we're hanging out with friends!  It reminded me how important it is to slow down and set aside time in our schedules to just be present. 

You can find The Aussie Bean on Maple Ave in Orange.  Oh, and in case you need a recommendation, you should try the Flat White. 

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