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Coffee Tours | Seattle, WA

Since Seattle is basically Coffee Heaven, I decided it was necessary to visit several different coffee roasters in one day!  I think my favorite souvenir from anywhere I visit is a good bag of beans, so I was determined to check out the Capitol Hill location of Victrola Coffee Roasters on my first day in Seattle.  Saem and I both ordered a pourover and then walked down the street to visit the new Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room. In between our coffee marathon shenanigans, we checked out some cute local shops along Melrose Avenue, including Melrose Market. From morning to night we walked along the streets of Seattle to explore the different neighborhoods by foot, which is my preferred method of experiencing a new city.  A few other noteworthy coffee spots:  Anchorhead Coffee Shop and Elm Coffee Roasters. 

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