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San Pedro | Sunken City + Brouwerij West


Apparently it's illegal and considered trespassing for entering Sunken City, but that stops like, no one.  Jamie and I easily found directions on Yelp on how to find the "not-so-secret entrance" which consisted of climbing through a hole in a fence.  It wasn't too difficult to locate, but for a moment it totally felt like we were kids on a treasure hunt!  The moment we saw the seaside and the broken concrete formations below, we both simultaneously gasped with awe.  Okay, so the graffiti can be distracting and some people might only see giant pieces of concrete, but there's something mysterious about abandoned places and ruins.   As we innocently took photos, five policemen on bikes suddenly arrived and asked us to immediately leave.  And that's how our 5 minute adventure came to a close. 

Up the hill and down the street from Sunken City is the Korean Bell of Friendship and Bell Pavilion, another little gem in San Pedro. There are pretty views of the ocean and beautifully painted details in the structure . 

Before heading back home, Jamie and I spontaneously stopped by Crafted and Brouwerij West for some beers and to look at arts + crafts!  It was a convergence of all things awesome and I totally recommend it for a Sunday afternoon! 

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